The lives of children are sacred in the eyes of God. The Lord values all life, but there is something special and miraculous about the life of a child. Perhaps it’s because their story is mostly unwritten. Their choices have yet to be made, and they are able to trust in God with unquestioning faith, the way most of them trust their parents. But what a tragedy it is when those parents fail them, and give them over to unspeakable harm.
The other day, I learned something that disturbed me greatly, I saw that they are planning to approve the covid vaccine for children as young as five. They say they want our children to be protected from covid-19, and I know they start encouraging parents to get their kids vaccinated against it. Those promoting these vaccines claim they want the best for us and for our families, but by now the evidence would seem to suggest something different.
If you’re like me, by now, you most likely have family members or close friends and acquaintances who’ve been affected by the vaccines. Some have suffered blood clots and heart troubles, tremors, seizures, or compromised immune systems. Others have suffered memory loss. Some have died suddenly and unexpectedly, and I fear we may see more of this as time progresses. By now, you should know the media is lying to us . It is the vaccinated who are becoming ill. Their infection rates are higher, and much more severe, despite what we are being told. I can say this because I’m seeing it for myself. I am a witness to the truth.
Giving the covid-19 vaccines to children is the worst, most despicable thing I can think of. They are young, and they have their whole lives ahead of them. If they catch covid, chances are, they will recover. COVID-19 (coronavirus) in babies and children – Mayo Clinic The fear being forced on us by the media, in connection with the CDC and other government agencies, is being used to pressure us into committing suicide through the destruction of our bodies. This fear is not the influence we should permit to guide our lives. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind.
93 Israeli doctors have pleaded that the covid-19 vaccines not be administered to children. stating that the vaccines may have serious long-term consequences. 93 Israeli doctors: Do not use Covid-19 vaccine on children – Israel National News
Our children are our future, our redemption, the part of us which gives us hope. If we lose them, we not only lose the future, but the chance to instill the virtues of love, compassion, and Godliness back into this evil world. If we lose them, we lose ourselves.
They enemies of America are the enemies of our families. These people are the ones behind the vaccines. They are the architects of the pandemic. They created a crisis so they could “solve” it and cripple us in ways from which we would never recover. The Coronavirus Vaccine is the “Final Solution” | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary ( To Save the Planet, Kill 90 Percent of People Off, Says UT Ecologist – The Vaccine Holocaust Is Well Underway With Globalists At War With 7.8 Billion People: They’ve Used Two Main Bioweapons On Us, A Lab Engineered Virus And Often Deadly ‘Vaccines’ – The Blogging Hounds
And so, I make the impassioned plea, do not let your children get vaccinated for Covid-19. No matter what those in power may threaten, no matter how uncomfortable they try to make you feel, please, don’t give in. The precious, precious lives of the children are in your hands. Your young ones place their trust in you to keep them safe. This time, you have one chance at this. Please, don’t let them down.

God bless you all,
Signed, A Witness to Their Crimes

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